Refactoring Rails, a video course

Because great code ships faster.

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Hi, I'm Ben Orenstein!

A few years ago I gave a talk about refactoring. I had a blast doing it, and people went a little nuts for it:

It's been 5 years since I gave the talk and I'm still hearing about it all the time, so...

I'm creating a full refactoring course.

Refactoring Rails will be a comprehensive video course designed to help you ship Rails code faster.

It'll cover topics like:

  • How to split a big refactoring into manageable, shippable pieces
  • Useful patterns you might not know: form objects, page objects, presenters, and more
  • How to keep your test suite from slowing you down
  • Techniques to break up fat models into focused objects (how's your user.rb looking these days?)
  • Tips for effective code reviews
  • Using value objects to give out-of-place behavior a home

...and tons more.

All demonstrated with the live coding that made my previous talk so popular.

Is this for you?

Yes, if...

  • you've worked on a Rails app long enough to see development slow down.
  • shipping features faster is a priority.
  • you tend to write code with others, since the course will likely include code review and team advice.

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